Thursday, 5 May 2011

Stuffing - so many options!

I use a fair bit of stuffing fibre when I am making my pincushions and I have been on the hunt for a more environmentally friendly option that will compliment the recycled felt I use. 

Today I found a wonderful post from Pauline of Funky Friends Factory.  She has a lot of wonderful things on her blog & store, including a post all about toy stuffing options.  I never knew there were so many options, including some great eco-friendly ones.  She also has lots of links of where all the different types are available.

Great post Pauline - thank you!

I really recommend you check out the blog if you make toys.  So many handy hints & tips and a wonderful selection of toy pattens and kits.

Fair trade toy elephant available for sale.


  1. That elephant is darling! Nice blog! Good luck with it. :D

  2. Thanks Jane :) I am enjoying it so far :)

  3. Hey, THANKS for such a cool post! Looks like you enjoyed reading about the toy stuffings as much as I did writing about them! : )
    Hey... your pin cushions are exquisite!!!